Nancy Burke CST

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Dental/Orthodontic Work

Dental and orthodontic work can often be a difficult process. An individual can end up with jaw pain, headaches, tooth pain and other physical issues. Most dentists and orthodontists do not think beyond the teeth when they perform procedures. But the effects of these procedures is far reaching for the body. The teeth are part of the maxillary bones and the mandible. These two bones make up the jaw complex. When dental procedures are done on the teeth, these bones are impacted and that impact then extends into the cranial bones and down the spine to the sacrum.

Therefore a person can have work done on a tooth and end up with lower back pain as the jaw is ultimately connected to the sacrum through the membranes of the cerebral spinal system. Nancy does a rebalancing of the cranial bones as well as working on the neck, spine and sacrum. She also does work inside the mouth to balance the maxillary palatine complex and does soft tissue work on the jaw muscles. The jaw can be greatly impacted by dental work as patients often must keep their mouth open for long periods of time during dental procedures.

TMJ is another issue that can be improved with CranioSacral Therapy. TMJ is usually caused by bone, nervous system, or muscular issues, or sometimes all three issues are present for an individual. Work on the craniofacial structure and inside the mouth on muscles, ligaments and the temporomandibular joint can offer great relief. Craniosacral therapy is also an effective way of working with teeth grinding.

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