Nancy Burke CST

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Working with Babies & Children

Nancy working with an infant

Nancy has worked with babies and children as a bodyworker for many years. Childbirth is an awesome and often challenging process for both the mother and baby. Many long term effects from the childbirth process can affect the child later if they are not dealt with at the beginning.


CranioSacral Therapy addresses restrictions in the craniosacral system, the system that includes the membranes and fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord as well as the bones of the skull face and mouth down to the sacral area. Craniosacral therapy can be helpful when babies have flat spots or misshapen heads from the birth process. When you think about the compression of the baby's skull bones in order to come through the birth canal, not to mention any interventions that may occur such as vacuum extraction, forceps, long or short labor or C-section and you can imagine the potential for many issues occurring for the child during labor and delivery.

These issues include reflux, torticollis, colic, sleep issues, birth trauma, head shape and more. Babies who are premature or who have been in intensive care benefit from this work tremendously as CranioSacral Therapy is extremely calming for the nervous system. In addition, CranioSacral Therapy can possibly reduce any number of difficulties which may not manifest themselves until the child is in school.

Nancy is also a lactation counselor and works with breastfeeding issues with babies and mothers while doing the bodywork.

For older children, this work is beneficial for learning difficulties, immune dysfunction, ear infections, injuries or falls and more. As a child grows, they can also be affected by a variety of emotional issues, and growing pains. Many of the children in Nancy's practice have found great benefit in this work for those issues as well.

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